Hawaii Airfares Plummet with $49 service launch by Southwest Airlines

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Hawaii Airfares Plummet with $49 service launch

Dreamed of having your honeymoon at the dreamy islands of Hawaii? Now it can become a reality with Southwest Airlines introducing its signature low prices from the continental Unites States to the islands of Hawaii. For a wide variety of tourists from the united states and few neighboring countries, going from Oakland to Honolulu is starting at $49 one way. The Dallas based airlines have it’s modestly-priced $99 “wanna get away” fares still yielding round trip tickets for under $200.

This has come into straight head-on competition with other airlines making quick announcements to bring down the prices to beat or get ahead of Southwest’s fares. During the day, American Airlines had lowered a portion of its round trip Hawaii fares from the Bay Area to $275. Later during the day, fares from the Bay Area to Hawaii on Alaska Air also dropped to around $200.

Competing with these fares, other west coast locations have also seen their fares coming down leading to an airfare war. Fares to depart from Phoenix and flying through California have come down to $350 over the duration of the entire day.

A nice string of affordable airfares is available on Southwest’s only route to Hawaii which flies from Oakland, California, and Honolulu. The cheap tickets have filled up quite quickly. Also, the locations flying through the Bay Area have also seen a serious fall in airfares which is mainly seen as the doing of this airfare deal put out by Southwest Airlines.

Routes between San Diego, San Jose, and Sacramento will open up through the time period of  March and April for service on the carriers and will bring down the common and usual airfare prices as routes open up. Southwest hasn’t announced exact dates for when each route will go on sale, but each opening will bring the same tidal wave of low fares that came this week.