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WhatsApp introduces Fingerprint lock & Face-ID lock for iPhones but why not totally secure?

Whatsapp chat lock

WhatsApp new Chat lock feature (Fingerprint, Face-Id lock)

In a recent update in WhatsApp for iPhone, developers introduced new Chat lock feature and this works for both modes like fingerprint lock as well as face id lock for respective iPhone models.

A recent update in WhatsApp messenger app comes on 21st of February and it consists new Chat lock feature but instead of this, we can say that this is complete WhatsApp lock feature because you have to enter your fingerprint password or face id password to open the app.

Update app size is 91.8 MB of this version 2.19.22.

WhatsApp is now available for IOS 8.0 and later.

To set your lock in the app you need to follow the steps as:

  1. Open WhatsApp messenger app
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Now go to Account
  4. Click on the Privacy tab
  5. Here enables screen lock
  6. Set your time for the lock to appear.

When enabling this feature, it asks you to when to ask for the password when using the app, it gives the option as Immediately when opened the app, After 1 minute, After 15 minutes and After 1 hour.

So the new version of WhatsApp gives you the flexibility to ask you for a password at different interval of time as you want.  This features is now only available for IOS users and might be available soon for Android and Windows app users.

Security threats in the WhatsApp chat lock:

  1. WhatsApp notifications are still public and if you put your phone somewhere and then someone messages you then the other people can easily read your messages in the notification section.
  2. WhatsApp web feature is still running without the password and it is accessible when your phone is connected to the internet, it doesn’t matter whether the app is open or not. In this case, your WhatsApp chat is accessible from your already linked web browsers via WhatsApp web feature.
  3. When you have set your password in WhatsApp chat for 15 minutes or later then if someone opens your WhatsApp then they can easily connect their own browsers to your WhatsApp via WhatsApp web and can read your message without having your password (Fingerprint or face-id).