2019 is the year of the villains, and here come Pennywise

the loser club

The Losers Club is back again, they are big, successful, and they will stop Pennywise at all cost. Given that after 27 years the Losers Club reconcile, it is Pennywise that is giving people nightmares and chills.

The first trailer of the sequel of 2017 film IT did come into being on Thursday. Warner Brothers doesn’t seem like to waste any time and want to release the movie as soon as possible. The trailer depicts the grown-up member of Losers Club Beverly Marsh, who Jessica Chastain portrays on the film. The first few moments of the trailer showcases a massive rate of nostalgia, and it is beautiful.

Pennywise is back, and he won’t stop till he destroys everything

In the first part of the trailer, Beverly meets an old lady who is a resident at the same blood-filled house. The old lady says that everyone who did ever live in this house did not die. By the looks of it, this might look like a sweet nostalgia, yet there was an eerie feeling about the entire scene.

Immediately the atmosphere and the scenario of the video began changing. Nevertheless, the killer clown is yet to be seen. Beverly was bold enough to ask that did the older woman do what Mrs did. However, the human form of Pennywise was then seen in a photograph

The casting of the grown-up Losers Club is epic

By the end of the video, the viewers could hear the giggling of the clown, which is terrifying as hell. Bill Skarsgard would again reprise the role of the hellish clown. The lovers of the original work of Stephen King’s novel are in love with the new trailer. Moreover, they are waiting for the forthcoming movie to hit the theatres.

Pennywise is brutal, evil, a comic killer, not sarcastic by the way. Will the Losers Club be able to defeat Pennywise once and for all? Stay Tuned!

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