World’s first 1TB microSD card is at low price of $450 with 160MB/s read and 90MB/s speed

Sandisk 1TB micorSD card

1TB MicroSD card

The first of its kind 1TB microSD memory card is finally available on Amazon. Sandisk was the first company in the whole world that came out with a 1TB microSD memory card. In February at MWC 2019, Western Digital said that it would release the first microSD card with 1TB storage space. Western Digital also said that it would begin selling the microSD in two months.

Sadly, the behemoth microSD has already been sold out on And the sold out on Amazon suggests that there was a supply issue with the microSD. At the same time, it also indicates that there was a high demand for 1TB microSD storage.

By the looks of it, the buyers can also visit the official website of SanDisk to buy it.

SanDisk 1TB microSD has massive storage space

According to the storage giant, Western Digital, the SanDisk UHS-I will provide a read speed of 160MB/Sec. Additionally, the write speed of the microSD is 90MB/sec. The microSD offers a whopping storage space that people can utilize on their smartphones. SanDisk curated the microSD keeping the media professionals in mind as these group of people move around with a surplus amount of data.

Given that the microSD card is out of stock in Amazon, people can still opt for the “Email Me” option on the product page. The sign up will provide the potential buyers the moment the item comes back in stock.

1TB microSD by SanDisk is not a cheap product, as mentioned earlier, it will cost the buyers a hefty $450 price tag, or $0.44 for 1GB of data storage. People can opt for the 512GB microSD card for SanDisk if they require to have more storage space. Given that after 512 microSD offers half the space, the positive side is, it costs more than half the money. The 512GB microSD memory card is available at $200 or less.

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