15 Online Tools for Teaching Math that Will Excite Kids

15 Online Tools for Teaching Math that Will Excite Kids

Teaching math for kids online may be a challenging task if you don’t know what internet resources to use to make the process fun and effective. Fortunately, the popularity of remote learning contributed to the growth of multiple online math platforms stuffed with exciting activities, audio and visual materials, games, quizzes, and evaluation tests. Check the list of the 15 outstanding teaching math online tools that will be extremely helpful for tutors, kids, and parents. Given websites are suitable for any skill level, competences, and school grade. Learning math online has never been easier!

1. Brighterly

Incredible online platform for future math geniuses. According to Brighterly’s motto, their lessons are 100% boredom-free and aim to make math fun and exciting. The website offers the services of the best math tutors ready to help your kid aged 3-11 succeed in math and fall in love with it. Brighterly’s tutors follow the highest tutoring standards and effective pedagogical approaches, believing that any kid can be good at math as personalized professional techniques can work miracles. 

Kids Academy Math Worksheets

Kids can learn math and have fun at the same time with the easy kids worksheets by Kids Academy. The high-quality interactive worksheets are designed for children from preschool to 3rd grade and come in three levels of difficulty, from easy to extra challenge. They may be completed online or filled out on paper; in either case, neural network algorithms will provide immediate feedback after the task is completed

The first 1-to-1 lesson with a math tutor is free of charge. At this stage, you may check the whole tutoring process, discuss it with a tutor, and agree on the next steps. A tutor is selected based on your kid’s grade and math level. 

Online classes are conducted in the form of an exciting game that implies an adventurous journey with the prizes at the checkpoints – it is just impossible to get bored with an interactive math lesson Brighterly provides! Platform experts pay much attention to the evaluation and feedback given, which is the background for the entire teaching strategy.

2. Aleks

Aleks is an adaptive math and science online program for kids in grades 3-12. It is helpful in case students want to check their knowledge of a particular concept. Aleks guides the users through relevant math topics, consistently tracking their progress. Personalized learning and progress reporting are the key concepts you can take advantage of when using Aleks.

3. Buzz Math

This math learning platform is fully adapted to the needs of middle schoolers. Its main goal is to make math exciting and enjoyable while growing children’s self-confidence. The website has been adapted to the needs of teachers and parents, so everyone can take maximum benefits while using it.

4. Corbettmath

Free of charge interactive math resource for schoolers. It provides dozens of hilarious videos, worksheets, revision cards, books, and practice papers. The platform is basic but stuffed with valuable materials that are easy to download and use.

5. First in Math 

First in Math offers exciting game content and various competitions to energize your kid to love math. The level of complexity of games varies from very easy to complex CT/Coding. 

6. Illuminations

A true bargain for math teachers and tutors. The platform contains multiple samples of lesson plans for all grades starting from kindergarten activities and ending with grades 9-12. Besides, Illuminations features equivalent fractions mobile games, interactive activities, and brain teasers.

7. Illustrative Mathematics

Highly effective math educational materials for teachers and students of all ages and math levels. Illustrative mathematics provides professionally elaborated math curriculums tailored to the needs and competencies of kids based on their grade. Each curriculum is divided into several units depending on the topic.

8. Istation

This website is universal for those who want to practice reading, math, and Spanish language. Math activities are super adaptive and aimed at bringing a kid’s knowledge to the next level. Featuring curriculums starting from pre-K to 8-grade students, Istation ensures brilliant math instructions exactly when the users need them most.

9. Mathletics

Fantastic online math learning hub with many interactive materials for the most engaging lessons. With Mathletics, students will start enjoying math. So, developing essential basic math skills will become easy and fast.

10. Skoolbo

This magic world of breathtaking games will help anyone improve their math learning skills. Teachers can easily monitor their students’ progress and plan future steps. 

11. SumDog

It is an entertaining math learning personalized platform helping students identify their knowledge gaps and improve their fluency in math with the help of fun games. Designed for kids of ages 5 to 14, it features an individualized or group approach to math learning and offers outstanding math tests to evaluate students’ progress accurately.

12. Woot Math

This interactive, personalized math learning platform helps in mastering critical concepts and improving fundamental math knowledge. Designed for kids in grades 3-7, it promises to increase the learning speed of any student by using the idea of adaptive learning.

13. Classkick

The given online resource helps teachers be awesome. It offers valuable math content to be used by the tutors for lesson plans development. Teachers must upload their content, provide instructions, and motivate students to work on the assignments. A program allows providing immediate feedback to every student.

14. DeltaMath

Another platform allows teachers to assign math content to their students. A website helps to provide instant feedback with a detailed age-appropriate explanation. 

15. Math Central 

Designed by the University of Regina in Canada, the platform features free resources for math tutors. All the materials are elaborated to enhance math fluency, develop computational thinking, and practice critical skills.