13 Times Billie Eilish Got Real About Body Image, Mental Health & More

Billie Eilish is damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t, and that’s exactly why she’s doing it her way. 

“If I wore a dress to something, I would be hated for it,” the 18-year-old told Daze in a recent interview about the internet’s response to her signature style. “People would be like, ‘You’ve changed, how dare you do what you’ve always rebelled against?’ I’m like, ‘I’m not rebelling against anything, really.’ I can’t stress it enough.” 

Her latest comments, which aren’t at all out of the ordinary for an artist as outspoken as Billie, also touched on the criticism she faced for sharing photos of herself in a bathing suit. 

“It was trending,” Billie recalled. “There were comments like, ‘I don’t like her any more because as soon as she turns 18 she’s a whore.’ Like, dude. I can’t win. I can-not win.”

But in fans’ eyes, the Grammy winner’s authentic outlook on life is exactly why she is winning.

Check out her most relatable moments below:

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Keep on keeping it real, Billie.  

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