12-Year-Old’s Brilliance Leads Him To Sophomore Year of College

12-Year-Old’s Brilliance Leads Him To Sophomore Year Of College

When many preteens are enjoying computer games and posing to your Gram, Caleb Anderson is going to begin his sophomore year of school. CBS This Morning accounts Anderson, who’s just 12-years older, eligible for Mensa International, a company for folks that score in that 98th percentile or higher on a standardised evaluation if he was 3 years old. Anderson is now registered at Chattahoochee Technical College in which he’ll make a bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering by 2022. On the other hand, the youngster is seeking to move. 

Anderson advised CBS This Morning,”I am not really bright. I simply get information quickly. Consequently, if I find out faster, I get ahead quicker.”

He added,”I have this memory of visiting a first grade class and studying , and everybody was far taller than me, as, you understand, I had been just two. I could hardly walk!”

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Despite all his brilliance, Anderson was not resistant to the unlucky anger of mid school bullies.

“The children there, they sort of looked down to methey treated me as though I had been an anomaly and that I sort of am”

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Anderson is presently touring schools and contemplating moving to Georgia Institute of Technology and the Massachusetts Institute for Technology.

his mom, Claire, advised WKYC she expects that her son could inspire other Black households and reveal her son isn’t the sole”talented” one out there saying,”I believe individuals have a negative view in regards to African American boys. There are a number of different Calebs available on the market. African American boys .” 

Claire, who’s a teacher explained,”By being a teacher – that I actually feel that. However, they don’t have the chance or the tools ”

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