11-Year-Old Boy Arrested for Stealing School Bus, Moving to Joy Ride

11-Year-Old Boy Arrested for Stealing School Bus, Going on Joy Ride
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A Louisiana Child Place himself at the driver’s seat of a Car where he Would normally be a passenger — His First College bus and there Is video of him Top cops on a Crazy high-speed chase.

The anonymous 11-year old boy had been broken up Sunday at Baton Rouge following cops say he managed to begin a school bus, then fled from authorities when they tried quitting him. What followed, according to police, was an extreme 45-MINUTE PURSUIT through town streets.

Cops say that the child taunted and turned off officers since they gave chase, even until finally crashing into a tree. The actual miracle here’s that the child was fine, and was instantly detained. Cops say he hit three additional vehicles on the road, but nobody was severely hurt.

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As for your child… he had been booked on charges of theft from a car, aggravated flight, damage to land and aggravated assault.

Unclear how he’d got a hold of these keys to start with — particularly considering that colleges would be shut on a weekend, but and of course through a pandemic. What is really curious is… how the hell he attained the pedals to joyride for nearly a hour?!?

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