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Russian experts regain control over the AngoSat-1 communication satellite

As per the latest reports, the Russian space experts have regained control over AngoSat-1 satellite. On December 26, Angola's first satellite AngoSat-1 was launched into space by a Zenith rocket that blasted off from...
Russian Proton-M Rocket

Unsuccessful December-Launch Attempt Grounded Russian Proton-M Rocket for another 3.5 Months

Russia’s most reliable and time-honored Proton-M rocket - a heavy lift vehicle that has been used to inject military and civilian satellites since last 16 years will remain suspended for extra three and a...
Asteroid deflection System

Scientists Soon To Develop Asteroid Deflective Methods for Avoiding Apocalypse

The crash of a massive asteroid is one of the most potential causes for earth’s future demolition and scientists across the globe are cornering the higher possibility of Apocalypse soon. However, now the situation...
proton m rocket

The Launches of Proton-M Rockets Might Get Delayed Down To Extra Technical Checks: Russia

Wednesday, on 24th January 2017, Russia’s space agency has declared about the arrangements of additional technical checks for its Proton-M Rockets, which in other ways may force the agency to push some launches forward....

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