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Men with Heavy Drinking Habit Are More Prone To Risks of Cardiac Issues 

Men, be careful! Intake of a high amount of alcohol may make you more prone to the developed risks of cardiac issues, revealed a new study. There has always been a debate regarding the goodness...
Soaked Rice

Eating Soaked Rice Can Taper Off Risks of Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Cancer: Study

Syndromes like Heart Disease, Diabetes and Cancer are some of the most severe threat to general wellness, and in medical theory, there are many medicines prescribed for healing such set of symptoms. But do...
Smoked meat can lead you to a life full of cancer

Smoked meat ups the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease

The world is full of meat lovers. People love to eat meat in various ways, some prefer to fry it, some cook it and some love to have it in a smoky manner. Maximum...

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