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Scientists Find a Spectacular Link between Brain Chemical Dopamine & Human’s Social Relationships

In a first-of-its-kind breakthrough, scientists have discovered a chemical in the brain which is strengthening a person’s social bondage. The brain chemical called Dopamine, which is presented in the body as a neurotransmitter and...

Intestinal Bacteria May Reinforce Alzheimer’s Disease: Study

Do you know Intestinal Bacteria or Gut bacteria are accountable to the growth of Alzheimer’s disease? Well, this is true!  A new medical survey, conducted by the researchers from the Lund University in Sweden...
Spending Longer Time in Space Can Have Detrimental Effect on Human Brain: Study Reveals

Spending Longer Time in Space Can Have Detrimental Effect on Human Brain: Study Reveals

It has been long acknowledged that spending a longer time in space can have detrimental effects on human body. But now research has come up with the view that, long space journey creates setbacks...
Brain-Computer Interface

Brain-Computer Interface helped Patients with Complete Locked-In Syndrome to Use Their Mind for Communication

Earlier, it is widely believed that patients with complete locked-in syndrome – a paralyzed condition where the patient is awake but can’t communicate verbally – usually lives an unsatisfied life and lacks those grants...
Smoking Marijuana can reduce your analyzing abilities

Smoking Marijuana can reduce your analyzing abilities

It is seen that students who started smoking weed at the earlier stage of their teenage period, mainly around 13 or 14, have less verbal abilities than the students who started smoking at the...
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Years of Bilingualism Makes People More Immune To Dementia: Study

People, who know two languages are more immune to dementia than the people who are acquainted with only one language, revealed a recently conducted research. The study, done by a group of researchers from...

Hating Music? You May Have Poor Brain Connectivity, Study Suggests

There are many people in the world who extremely dislike music. While liking and disliking music previously believed to be a matter of personal choice, a recently conducted study has raised questions over this...
Hour-Long Post-Lunch Snooze

An Hour-Long Post-Lunch Snooze Can Enhance Brainpower of Older Adults

We all know how pivotal sleep for the overall wellness is. But do you know, an hour-long post-lunch sleep can boost up the memory capacity of the senior citizens? Well, a recently published research...

People Living Near To Main Roadways Are More Prone To Dementia: Study Cautions

Are you living close to a highway or busy road? If yes, then the possibilities of your body attracting the risks of Dementia is higher, a newly conducted study warns. The study published on...

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