If the recent statement of one of ISRO’s scientists is to be believed, then by next few years, India might get its energy from Earth’s only natural satellite – Moon. According to one of ISRO’s scientists, Mon hosts an enormous amount of Helium-3 – a light, non-radioactive isotope of helium developed from two protons and one neutron – which is capable of powering the entire India as well as other neighbouring countries too.

According to the recent report, published in Times of India, a professor of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has specified that by 2030, the entire energy need of India will be addressed by the resources of the moon. ISRO is currently planning to mine Helium 3 in Moon, which will world’s first-of-its-kind space mining mission. The lunar dust hosts a plentiful amount of Helium 3, which can provide power and energy to the entire nation, alongside the nearby areas. If everything goes well, by 2030 ISRO will accomplish all the mining tasks, paving new revolutionary paths for addressing the energy needs of India, said Sivanthanu Pillai, the senior professor and scientist of ISRO.

While putting his speech at ORF-Kalpana Chawla, Space Policy Dialogue, organised by Observer Research Foundation, Sivanthanu Pillai, the former chief at BrahMos Aerospace and current scientist at ISRO said, Moon has enough amount of Helium 3 which is adequate to light the whole world. For ISRO, digging of Helium 3 is currently the most priority project.

Nowadays, ISRO is busy in planning the methods for uncovering those elements on Moon, and once it is done, all the power requirements of the nation will easily be met. However, India is not the only country, who is planning to dig the moon for Helium 3; many countries are progressing in the same way, in order to address the potential scarcity of energy.