ISRO’s Single-Shot Launch Is A Wake Up Call For China

Only a few days after Chinese Government saying that China is a long way ahead of India in conducting space missions and launching new space technologies, an unexpected complimentary for India has come from China’s state media on Monday.

ISRO’s successful launch of 104 satellites in a single shot is a ‘wakeup call’ for the Chinese commercial space industry, reports a Chinese daily today. India’s flourishing mission of putting the record number of satellites into orbit has carried an ultimate significance, and China’s commercial space industry has much more to learn from ISRO’s commercial space programme, said China’s state-controlled media – Global Times.

Last week, the state-run media – Global Times praised India and its commercial space agency –the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) for planning the record-breaking launch of 104 nano-satellites into space in a single shot. In addition to eulogising India, the Chinese Daily also criticised and pressurised China’s non-dominance behaviour in the commercial space field. Again on its Monday edition, the media agency poured down all of its esteem for India’s successful economic launches and asked China to learn the cost-effective launch approaches from ISRO.

Since years, China has acquired an unbeatable position in global level for manufacturing, developing, and selling low-priced products, from a variety of categories. But with the new strategic move, India now seems to beat China at its own game. The economical launch of record 104 nano spacecraft in one move has proven to be a game changer for both India and ISRO. Praising the successful mission of ISRO, Global Times said on Monday, the commercial space industry of the Communist Nation – China should learn a” number of curriculums” from India’s inexpensive and efficiency-programmed missions.