The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has something ‘big’ in stores for the space enthusiasts and stargazers, as the agency has arranged a major press conference in this week. On 22nd February 2017, NASA has announced a big news conference on a “discovery beyond our solar system”. In the meeting, the US-based space agency will publicise its progress in space exploration missions alongside the new findings on new planets that orbit stars rather than Sun.

The secretive event is scheduled to take place on 22nd February, Wednesday, at 1 pm New York time. Even though NASA yet hasn’t given any indications regarding the subjects of the announcement, but somehow it has confirmed that scientists will represent the data, transmitted by the Spitzer telescope. The press conference will be broadcasted live on NASA’S television station as well as on its website.

Spitzer Space Telescope is the inferred telescope of NASA which is observing the exoplanets, which are transmitting in infrared wavelengths since 2003. Up to now, it has helped scientists to record and characterise multiple exoplanets as well as puzzling out numerous details of terrestrial atmospheres. Now, as expected by the global space researchers, NASA, in its reticent major press conference will present the discoveries made by Spitzer Space Telescope.

Scheduled for 22nd February Wednesday, the symposium will put forward new discoveries of exoplanets, which are orbiting stars, not Sun. Now, the space enthusiasts are expecting NASA to explain about the possibilities of life on the new exoplanets. According to the statement of NASA, “The enigmatic event will put forward new discoveries on new planets, known as exoplanets that are moving in the orbit of stars instead of our sun.”

During this event, NASA will also allow the public to ask questions to scientists, using the hashtag #AskNasa on social media. A Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) session will also be conducted following the brief addressing as well. The event will take place at 11.30 pm IST.