Jurassic Park

If you have watched  American science-fiction adventure film ‘Jurassic Park’, released in 2003, then it will be easier for you to understand how dangerous the dinosaurs used to be. Fortunately, the concept of Jurassic Park was only a fictional arrangement, or we mistakenly suppose so. Because a hotchpotch of fossils, discovered from China hints that, the communist country might have hosted a real-life Jurassic Park some million years ago.

During a survey, conducted by a team of professionals from the Zhejiang Institute of Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology and Zhejiang Museum of Natural History in China, between 2006 and 2013, the scientists found a suit of dinosaur fossils from China’s Zhejiang province – a finding which may unlock the mystery of dinosaur life.

During the project, the international researchers discovered a total of 82 dinosaur fossil locations, having no less than six dinosaur species and 25 different types of fossil dinosaur eggs. From the fossils, the researchers now expect China to have a city of Dinosaurs some 65 to 145 years ago. During the exploration mission, scientists covered a total vicinity of 11,000 square kilometres in China’s Zhejiang and acknowledged eight new dinosaur species along with the ancient fossils. In comparison to other south-eastern provinces of China, the largest amount of dinosaur fossils is discovered from Zhejiang.

According to Jin Xingsheng, deputy curator of Zhejiang Museum of Natural History, “from a number of fossils, we have found from the region, it has been quite confirmed, Zhejiang used to accommodate a large number of dinosaurs during the Cretaceous period, which dates back about 65 million to 145 million years.

The fossils also suggest that the giant creature may have faced extinction due to a major catastrophe including an unexpected change in the climatic patterns like as volcanic epidemics, crustal blunders, or production of radioactive substances.