over drinking alcohol man

Men, be careful! Intake of a high amount of alcohol may make you more prone to the developed risks of cardiac issues, revealed a new study.

There has always been a debate regarding the goodness and evilness of alcohol consumption. While health experts corroborated the consumption of red wine to have super antioxidant benefits; other types of alcohol are alleged to have adverse effects on health. Supporting the later view, a new study, conducted by the researchers at the University College London has revealed that, men, with a heavy drinking habit, are extremely vulnerable to serious health issues like arterial stiffness, premature aging of arteries, which eventually may result in various cardiac problems.

According to the reports of the latest research, men who sued to drink a lot are at higher risks of developing premature aging of arteries and arterial stiffness, which consecutively can boost up their vulnerability to cardiac diseases like heart strokes and chronic disorder in cardiac function. The new finding also shows that drinking has adverse effect on the suppleness of the arterial walls, contributing to the arterial stiffness which, in turn, interferes with blood streaming to the heart.

The study, published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, has highlighted that these risks are less for the women with a heavy drinking habit. The regular alcohol intake practice may also hike the levels of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol in the body and trim down platelet stickiness.

According to Darragh O’Neill, the lead author of the study and an epidemiological researcher at the University College London, “Conversely, the habit of heavier alcohol consumption may set off some particular types of enzymes that could pave the paths for collagen accumulation – which in turn, could aggravate the velocity of arterial stiffening in the body.”

The researchers have concluded this aftermath by analysing the drinking habits of 3,869 participants out of which 73% were males, aged between 30 and 50 and rest were females.