Adding high doses of Vitamin-B to your daily diet can help in preventing the risks of Schizophrenia – a chronic and rigorous mental disorder that affects a person’s cognitive capability.

The new research paper, published by a team of Britain scientists have highlighted that adding high doses of Vitamin-B including the doses of B6, B8 and B12 can significantly trim down symptoms of mental disorder, caused by Schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a form of the severe mental disorder, which is characterised by disturbing thoughts or experiences that head off the patient from the reality, affecting his/her behaviour, thinking capacity, speech or sociability in daily activities. It also causes complexities with attentiveness and memory power. Up to now, there is no particular medicine which can ultimately cure Schizophrenia.

As highlighted by the new study, vitamins are essential for improving the mental health of people. But rather than any other vitamin, Vitamin-B is found to have more positive influence on Schizophrenia and mental disorders. According to the new study, led by Joseph Firth from the University of Manchester, adding high-dose B-vitamins – including B6, B8 and B12 to the daily diet chart may considerably condense symptoms of the psychological turmoil that affects around 1% of the total population in the US.

For getting a precise aftermath of this estimation, the researchers led by Joseph analysed 18 clinical experiments, involving the total of 832 patients, going through antipsychotic treatment for curing schizophrenia. After analysing, the researchers found the B-vitamin supplements to deeply associated with the reduction pace of mental disorder. High doses of Vitamin-B may be the topmost beneficial protein for reducing the symptoms of Schizophrenia and improving mental health conditions, said the lead author of the study, published in the journal of Psychological Medicine.