clean potable water

Since decades, clean drinkable water is one of the most important health goals for every n individual. But in a surprising revelation, an international team of scientists found that drinking clean water may accelerate the risks of childhood asthma. The discovery has come up as a great surprise to those parents who earlier believed drinking potable water to be the safest measure to ensure healthiness for their babies.

As highlighted by the new study, conducted by the researchers from the University of British Columbia in Canada, there is no doubt that drinking clear and purified water combat a number of infection and infective germs to hamper the immune structures and organs.  But in its dark side, it also can trigger the risks of asthma among children.

The study, led by Brett Finlay, a Canadian researcher from the University of British Columbia suggested the presence of a dangerous link between the threat of childhood asthma and the hygiene of the environment as well as water. As indicated by the findings, the gut bacteria play a pivotal role in defending the body from the then germs of asthma. But there is also a common type of microscopic fungus or yeast, called ‘Pichia’ which is strongly connected with the risks of asthma. Instead of assisting gut bacteria in combating asthma, the presence of Pichia puts children at risk of the disease in their early days of life.

According to the lead author of the study, “Since long, we have been estimating that cleanliness is a major health goal and can ensure total healthiness. But in fact, the matter is something else, something more surprising! Our body needs some dust to prevent germs and harmful bacteria including those of asthma.”