stomach problem

The presence of chemicals in foods is completely worthless and illogical too, but the fact is that they are and such chemicals are slowly hampering the organs and digestive system of the body. A new study, conducted by the researchers at Binghamton University in New York has revealed that chronic exposure to common food additive can cause an adverse effect on the digestive system and cells.

According to the international research, unceasing exposure to ‘titanium dioxide’ – a common food additive present in a large range of food, starting from chewing gum and chocolate to bread can cause various alterations in the digestive system, its cell, structure, and function as well.

The study also found that these common food additives are accountable for reducing the capability of a small intestine to soak up nutrients and hold-up pathogens – a particular type of bacterium that can source infections. The process ultimately can cause adverse impacts on the digestive system and its functionalities. Titanium dioxide is presented in chew gums, chocolates, caramel sweets, sour bombs, bread, and so on and without knowing its spin-offs, people have been eating it for a long time.

Titanium dioxide holds a significant amount of sugar particles, which may contribute to the development of various health disorders. Moreover, it also can affect intestine, revealed the new study.

According to Professor Gretchen Mahler, the lead author of the survey from Binghamton University, US, “Titanium oxide is a natural-occurring oxide or a common food additive that people have been eating for a long time. Up to now, no one has ever asked about the side-effects of this common food additive, and we were interested to find out the subtle effects of this.”