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Thirty minutes of walking per day can be helpful in enhancing the quality of life among patients, suffering from cancer, suggested a new clinical trial.

A new international study, published recently, has highlighted the immense benefits of walking for the patients, suffering from life-threatening cancer. Few minutes of walking pose a number of advantages for improving general wellness, maintaining perfect weight, and reducing excess fats in the body. But in a surprising revelation, a team of scientists from the University of Surrey in England has discovered that 30-minutes of walking per day can have remarkable benefits on curing cancer efficiently.

The study published in the BMJ Open journal has indicated that daily walking has multiple positive impacts which can reflect both on your life and quality of living. Walking for at least 30 minutes regularly improves the positive attitude of the patients towards the infirmity and helps them combating the growth of the disease both physically and psychologically. Attending group regularly walks also represented a cluster of benefits like enabling people to become more socialise, more forward-looking, and most importantly, more courageous to fight with life-threatening malignancy.

The study, mutually conducted by the scientists from the University of Surrey and King’s College London explored the large number of the positive impact of walking on enhancing the quality of life and reducing the symptom severity in patients, suffering from advanced cancer.

As highlighted by the study, despite having the significant number of health benefits, regular physical activities are usually disallowed for the patients with advanced cancer, just to ensure the preciseness of the treatment and therapies. But the new study, for the first time, has confirmed that taking daily walks for minimum 30 minutes can have more positive impacts on both patients’ quality of life as well as the quick effect of therapies, being given to the patients for curing cancer.