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stomach problem

Chronic Exposure to a Common Food Additive May Have Adverse Effect on Digestive System

The presence of chemicals in foods is completely worthless and illogical too, but the fact is that they are and such chemicals are slowly hampering the organs and digestive system of the body. A...
Infant-Directed Singing Can Encourage Mother-Child Bondage: New Study Suggests

Infant-Directed Singing Can Encourage Mother-Child Bondage: Study

Engagement through cradle songs is much more efficient in holding kids’ attention contrary to reading books and narrating stories, suggested a new study. Mothers singing songs to their children are an age-old tradition that can...
fat hand

Kids Are 35-40% Liable To Take Over Body Mass Index (BMI) from Parents: Study

Parents these days are worried about the increasing fatness of their child, but are unable to find the reason. A new study suggested that it's not the kids fault for their fatness as their...

High-Dose of B-Vitamin Supplement Can Cure Schizophrenia: Suggest Britain Scientists

Adding high doses of Vitamin-B to your daily diet can help in preventing the risks of Schizophrenia - a chronic and rigorous mental disorder that affects a person’s cognitive capability. The new research paper, published...
January 2017 Is the Third Hottest In 137 Years: NASA

This Year Has the Third Hottest January in 137 Years: NASA

The upward level of global temperature has ended up being the most serious concerns for ecologists across the world and researchers have been observing these changing patterns of climate and temperature since years. In...
low Calorie

Calorie Restriction May Make You Live Longer & Healthier Life

There are multi-billion firms for producing chemicals, make over injections, and therapies help people avoid signs of ageing and look younger. But a simple formula can make you live a longer and healthier life,...
West Antarctica’s Thwaites Glacier

Scientists Detect Four Hidden Lakes, Shrinking under West Antarctica’s Thwaites Glacier

A team of international researchers, by using some satellite-backed data have discovered some hidden lakes under one of world’s fastest moving glacier on the rim of West Antarctica. Surprisingly, the hidden lakes are shrinking...
Nicotine Exposure, Before and Afterbirth Can Prompt Hearing Problem in Child: Medical Trial Warns

Nicotine Exposure, Before and Afterbirth Can Prompt Hearing Problem in Child: Medical Trial Warns

Women, who frequently smoke before and after pregnancy are liable to put their newborn baby at risk of hearing loss, suggested a newly conducted medical research. Continuous exposure to Nicotine can lead to the...
Australia’s Iconic Great Barrier Reef Corals

Great Barrier Reef Is Inching Closer To 20-Years Timeline of Extinction: Climate Council

Australia’s iconic Great Barrier Reef, which is the house of millions of colorful aquatic creatures and coral reefs is inching closer to extinction, and within 20 years, it will be no more, warned the...

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