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Microbes research

6000-Years-Old Crystal-Trapped Living Microorganism Boosts NASA’s Hope for Ancient Alien Life

Scientists are inching closer to the discovery of alien life in outer space and in an accommodating breakthrough to this approach; a team of scientists from NASA has discovered 60,000-year-old life forms in Mexico. ...
Agricultural Science Congress

XIII Agricultural Science Congress to Fire Up At GKVK Campus Bengaluru Today

The University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS), Bengaluru is gearing up for the 13th edition of Agricultural Science Congress (ASC), which is scheduled to fire up today. Themed for 'Climate-smart Agriculture', the 13th ASC will...
Six-Legged Robots Run Speedier

Swiss Scientists Formulate a New Way to Make Insect-Inspired Six-Legged Robots Run Speedier

In the most recent breakthrough to make the insect-inspired drones run speedier, a team of Swiss researchers, led by an Indian-origin researcher, has found a new path-breaking method which can enable the sex-legged robots...
Virtual Reality & 3D Printing To Bring Dinosaur “Back To Life”

Australian Scientists Combine Virtual Reality & 3D Printing To Bring Dinosaur “Back To Life”

A new module, created from the amalgamation of 3D printing and Virtual Reality (VR) will soon allow people to touch and live with monstrous animal – Dinosaur. Petting dogs and cats are a common thing....

After Mega-Launch ISRO Now Eyes On Venus & Mars

15th February was one of the most-awaited days for Indians and global astronomer communities, as ISRO was on the verge of creating a new world record. And to everyone’s surprise, the India-based space agency...
Semi-Synthetic" Bacteria with Six-Letter Genetic Code 

Scientists to Edit Human’s Genetic System to Combat Incurable Heritable Diseases

We are living in society, where the production of a programmed and personalised baby is not unthinkable. Scientific advancements have enabled scientists and researchers to make the so-called impossible things ‘promising’ and the recent...
Perovskite Crystal Structure

Perovskite Crystal Structure Soon To Charge Portable Gadgets with Sunlight, Heat, and Movement

Soon the natural properties like sunlight, heat and even movement can charge your smartphone and other portable electronic devices. A team of Finland-based scientists has succeeded in developing Perovskite Crystal Structure which can extract power...
Antibodies to Sniff out Deadly Ebola Hastily and Efficiently Is Coming Soon

Antibodies to Sniff out Deadly Ebola Hastily and Efficiently Is Coming Soon

Ebola – the deadly virus that kills 90% of the people who get infected with it, has ended up being a real headache for World Health Organization (WHO) as well as scientists across the...
NASA to Study Kilauea Volcano

NASA to Study Kilauea Volcano for Understanding Volcanic Processes And Hazards

Kilauea Volcano, one of the world’s most active volcanos holds clues to the mysterious volcanic processes and origins and to understand these factors in a better manner, a team of scientists from the National...

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