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moderate exercise

20-Minutes of Moderate Exercise Is Enough To Boost Immunity & Condense Inflammation: Study

If you take out only 20 minutes from your hectic lifestyle for a moderate workout, it is enough to enjoy a healthier life, revealed the recently published study. According to the research, 20-minutes of...
Children Using Smartphones

Children Gluing At Smartphones for Longer Time Are Predisposed To Dry-Eye Syndrome

Tablets and smartphones are proven to keep children busy and quite, and multiple types of research have verified this statement previously. But do you know, gluing at smartphones for the longer time can also...
Bowel disease, Diverticulties, Red Meat

Excess Intake of Unprocessed Meat Makes Men More Prone To Diverticulitis, Clinical Trial Proves

Men, who are more addictive to unprocessed red meat and used to intake it 6 times a week, are extremely prone to health issues like Inflammatory Bowl Condition, suggests a new clinical trial. As...
Bilinguals, brain, dementia, study

Years of Bilingualism Makes People More Immune To Dementia: Study

People, who know two languages are more immune to dementia than the people who are acquainted with only one language, revealed a recently conducted research. The study, done by a group of researchers from...

IntelliCare: A Revolutionary Set of 13 Mini Interactive-Apps That Can Combat Melancholy and Fretfulness

Use of digital therapies for improving health conditions is yet to go a long way in the medical industry. And taking this slower progression a step forward, a new study has suggested a suite...

Hating Music? You May Have Poor Brain Connectivity, Study Suggests

There are many people in the world who extremely dislike music. While liking and disliking music previously believed to be a matter of personal choice, a recently conducted study has raised questions over this...
Peanuts in Early Childhood Diet Can Defend Allergic In Later Stage of Life: Study

Peanuts in Early Childhood Diet Can Defend Allergic In Later Stage of Life: Study

Peanut, which is commonly believed as sensitive to children’s health, now is supported by doctors. According to the new study, feeding peanut-containing foods to the infants in their early diets can lower the possibilities...
Plasmodium Falciparum Malaria

Anaemia Can Shield Kids against Plasmodium Falciparum Malaria: Scientists

Science has good news in store for the parents whose children are anaemic. As suggested by the new medical trial, the children who have Anaemia are more protected from malaria than the normal children....
Dont use smartphones in Hospitals

Don’t take your cell phone inside hospital or ICU, It can infect patients: Scientists

Cell phones have become an inseparable part of our lives. Isn’t true? But taking it everywhere can hamper other wellness. A group of international scientists recently has published a clinical trial paper, which warns...

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