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Men with Heavy Drinking Habit Are More Prone To Risks of Cardiac Issues 

Men, be careful! Intake of a high amount of alcohol may make you more prone to the developed risks of cardiac issues, revealed a new study. There has always been a debate regarding the goodness...
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30-Minutes Walking A Day Can Improve Cancer Patient’s Quality Of Life

Thirty minutes of walking per day can be helpful in enhancing the quality of life among patients, suffering from cancer, suggested a new clinical trial. A new international study, published recently, has highlighted the immense...

Scientists Find a Spectacular Link between Brain Chemical Dopamine & Human’s Social Relationships

In a first-of-its-kind breakthrough, scientists have discovered a chemical in the brain which is strengthening a person’s social bondage. The brain chemical called Dopamine, which is presented in the body as a neurotransmitter and...
clean potable water

Clean Potable Water May Accelerate Risks of Childhood Asthma: New Clinical Trial Suggests

Since decades, clean drinkable water is one of the most important health goals for every n individual. But in a surprising revelation, an international team of scientists found that drinking clean water may accelerate...
Gluten-Free Diet

People, Eating Gluten-Free Diet Are More Prone To Arsenic and Mercury: Research

In a surprising revelation, a new clinical trial has revealed that people who frequently eat gluten-free diet are more vulnerable to Arsenic and Mercury – two life-threatening chemicals. The study, conducted by a team...
Butter and Meat

Ingestion of Butter & Meat May Elevate Risks of Type-2 Diabetes, Study Warns

One who prefer to eat pizzas with extra cheese or paratha with loads of butter, and who frequently eat meat, should start taking measures for Debates, because a new study, done by an international...
High-Fat Diet

High-Fat Diet Can Heighten Risks of Heart Attack by Influencing Immune System

High-fat diet – the proven method to reduce weight and stay fit - has often been questioned by scientists. While some previous clinical experiments have already highlighted the relation of cardiac syndromes with the...
heart attack

Men, Be Careful! Heavy Winter Snowfall Accelerates Risk of Heart Attack

If you are living in a province where snowfall is pretty common, then scientists have a bad news in store for you. A new Canadian study has come up with the suggestion that, men,...
Kids Born To Matured Moms Have Better Cognitive Ability; Suggests New Study

Kids Born To Matured Moms Have Better Cognitive Ability; Suggests New Study

Researchers have some good news in store for the working women! A new medical trial, conducted by an international team of scientists has found that children born to older mothers are much smarter and...

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